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About Bunting.

Be innovative. Be bold.

We believe that amazing software can empower retail innovators to achieve incredible results, regardless of background and IT knowledge. We build tools that ignite ideas and innovation, and inspire retailers to be dynamic, creative and bold. And through our customers' ambitions it is our mission to make the internet a faster, easier and better place to shop.

Survivors of Crime: A Remarkable Startup Story

  1. Our First Company Launched Google Ads After 10 years building e-commerce systems, tech guru Stephen Tucker founds digital agency agency franchise. He begins pay-per-click advertising using Google Adwords.
  2. A Malicious Fraudster Attacks An irregular advert click pattern soon emerges - spending increases enormously, but sales actually drop! After analysis of server logs Stephen finds that most clicks are coming from just one person. He realises he is a victim of click fraud.
  3. Revenue Flatlines The crisis deepens. Over several months spend has markedly increased, but no additional work is coming in. With little other form of promotion, cash-flow struggles and finances fall. Pot Noodle consumption increases 10-fold.
  4. We Fight Back! Rather than face ruin Stephen fights back against the anonymous attacker. He writes software to record the fraudster's click patterns and monitor their movements. This simple tool would soon became the embryo of Bunting.
  5. Fraudster Caught After 3 months tracking, and some creative detective work, the identity of the fraudster is revealed to be a local competitor. Stephen promptly contacts this individual, finally ending a long and difficult saga. However, by this time the seed of an idea has been planted...
  6. Bunting Launches to Public Bunting is born. We believe all businesses have the right to advertise, without falling victim to fraud, so we develop the software into a feature-rich click fraud prevention tool. It is launched to the public after 6 months development.
  7. Evolves Into Website Personalization Bunting works brilliantly, helping companies halt click fraud. We realise the profiling system would also handle website personalization perfectly, so Bunting changes direction. After a further 10 months of development Bunting version 2 launches, and is an instant hit.
  8. Present Day Today Bunting is trusted by website owners of all sizes across the globe, and is a pioneer in the fast-growing personalization industry. We believe that powerful personalization and fraud prevention tools should be available to all businesses, not just the likes of Amazon.

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Manchester, UK - Head Office
Bunting Software
1 St Peter's Square
2nd Floor
M2 3AE

Tel: 0161 710 3652