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Be inspirational

Our society has been built on the shoulders of giants, so the greatest achievement a person can make is to inspire other people to do incredible things. From our staff, to our customers; from our stakeholders, to our competitors (yes, competitors); we strive to inspire the next generation of great people with every decision we make.

Help people

Be generous with your time and help others. It's not just good for business, but it builds mutual trust, respect, and satisfaction. This is the cornerstone of our culture.

Build cool stuff

Cool things generate powerful emotions. Cool things have value. People want cool things, and we as a company enjoy building them. If we focus on doing great work, the money will naturally follow.

Be a cool person

The people we work with shape our lives and contribute massively to our happiness. So treat people as you'd like to be treated yourself. At Bunting, our cleaner deserves as much respect as chairman of the board.

Never, ever be bland

No-one is inspired by average. Playing it safe is the death sentence of success. Always think different, be brave and challenge the status quo.
And yes, a Steve Jobs quote would work well here. But that would be a bit ironic, don't you think!

Strive for good health

Not just physical, but mental health. Promote it in your family, friends, colleagues, customers and suppliers. Our founder leads by example.

Don't be a dick

At Bunting, nice folks never finish last.

"If Bunting was..."

It's hard to describe our personality in words. So instead, we've made comparisons to the amazing people, memorable things, and fun stuff in life that inspires us.

If Bunting was an animal it would be this cheerful dog.

If Bunting was a person it would be Prof. Brian Cox.

If Bunting was a car it would be the coolest car ever built (no, we're not joking)

If Bunting was an activity it would be something healthy and rejuvenating like yoga.

If Bunting could be another product it would be groundbreaking 1984 Apple Macintosh.

If Bunting was a computer game it would be timeless classic Dooooooom.
Hell yeah.

If Bunting was an underdog story (and it is) it would unfold similar to JK Rowling's (minus the wizards, watch this space)

If Bunting was artwork it would be a thought-provoking collage by Patrick Bremer.

If Bunting's powerful A.I. was personified, it would be Johnny 5.

If Bunting was a charity it would be The Samaritans, and help to prevent suicide. Our founder has volunteered there for years.

Survivors of crime:
A remarkable startup story

  1. 1. 2012: first startup After 10 years' working in ecommerce optimization, serial entrepreneur Steve Tucker starts-up an ecommerce agency franchise. He begins pay-per-click advertising using Google Adwords. Things initially look good.
  2. 2. A malicious fraudster attacks An irregular advert click pattern soon emerges - spending increases enormously, but sales actually drop! After analysis of server logs Steve finds most clicks are coming from one person. He realises his company is a victim of click fraud.
  3. 3. Revenues flatline The crisis deepens. Over several months, spend markedly increases, but no additional work comes in. With little other form of promotion, cashflow struggles and finances fall. Pot Noodle consumption increases 10-fold.
  4. 4. We fight back! Rather than face ruin, Steve fights back against the anonymous attacker. In desperation, he writes a piece of software to record the fraudster's click patterns and monitor their movements. This 20-line app would become the embryo of Bunting.
  5. 5. Fraudster caught After 3 months' tracking and creative detective work, the identity of the fraudster is revealed - a competitor! Steve confronts them with the evidence, ending a long and difficult saga. By this time, the seed of an amazing idea has already been planted.
  6. 6. Bunting launches Steve believes every company should be able to protect itself from fraud, and brings together a talented team to develop the software into a feature-rich SaaS startup. Bunting is born, launching into public beta after 6 months' development.
  7. 7. Pivot to retail optimization Bunting works brilliantly, helping companies defeat click fraud. We then realise the profiling system would handle retail optimisation perfectly. After a further 10 months of development, version 2 launches. It's an instant hit with users.
  8. 8. Present day Today, Bunting is a respected pioneer in ecommerce optimization, trusted by startups and Fortune 500s. And to the fraudster, if you're reading: we wouldn't have built a brilliant business if you hadn't tried to put us out of business. So weirdly, thanks!

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