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Guest blogging guidelines

About these guidelines

Ecommerce Hacks is a publication about digital marketing, ecommerce, business and growth hacks.

Our content serves the purpose of educating, entertaining and informing marketers about the latest trends in these areas. We like to maintain a keen eye on the industry, releasing content that is up-to-date and original.

These guidelines have been created to help you and our readers get the most out of all the articles we publish. Please read them carefully to ensure we can publish your content - articles that do not follow the guidelines have the right to be refused publication.

This is essential in order to protect Bunting's reputation with our readers, and to build your brand reputation too.

Text Content

  • 1,000 min. word length of high-quality content (more is acceptable/ preferable).
  • You can link to your product if it is relevant to the content and useful to the reader - but don't oversell. Obvious and/or blatant self-promotion will be removed.
  • A casual tone of voice in maintained on our blog, and although not necessary, we prefer you to adopt it.
  • Use the main title (<h1>) and subheadings (<h2>) to target keywords.
  • Use additional subheadings (<h3> & <h4>), and bulleted lists (<ul>), to aid readability.
  • No plagiarism - all content must be original, and will checked during our approval process.
  • No repetitive content; don't cover the same point twice
  • No over linking.
  • No offensive, inaccurate or political language.
  • No insulting brands, companies or individuals.


  • One high-resolution cover image - must be 1100px wide by 500px tall, or above. Make it engaging, as this image will sell your article.
  • At least two high-resolution images to accompany the content (screenshots, examples, data etc. No stock imagery here.)
  • Place images in the prefered location of the text, and ALSO send as separate attachments.
  • Only use public domain, royalty free, creative commons images, or imagery that you own.


If you haven't done so already then please contact us, and you will be connected with an editor who you can review and publish your article.

Once submitted, we at Bunting have permission to edit, adapt and update the article to improve accuracy and/or reading comprehension. The industry is always moving at a rapid pace, so allowing content updates will benefit both parties.

Please note: Our readers like practical and actionable examples and expert advice. Articles that are submitted simply for SEO purposes will be rejected.

Any excess of links in the text may be removed by our content team in the editing process if they believe they are not needed. If you are referencing stats and there is a chart / graph to accompany the data please include this in your article for visual aid to our readers.

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