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Email isn't dead. In fact, it's brings more ROI than any other channel - but only if it's personalized to the recipient. Make your emails meaningful to each visitor for a 6x higher conversion rate.

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Triggered Emails

Not seen a customer for a while? Send a 'we miss you' email enticing them back. Has a visitor just abandoned their cart? Re-engage them from their inbox.

Send your visitors automated, highly targeted emails, that trigger when a criteria is met.

Personalize Your Newsletters

Lift the click-through rate of your existing newsletter by up to 3.6%, with product recommendations that automatically change to suit each recipients' browsing history.

Our tool is completely automated, requiring no manual segmentation, while the one-time setup only takes a few minutes and is universally compatible with every major email service provider.

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At Home In The Country +13% Revenue for British Gift Retailer

“We've always thought Bunting was a brilliant tool. It has helped raise our sales and opened up lots of opportunities for engaging our visitors.” ~ Guy Robinson, E-commerce Director

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