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Elegant and Powerful

One of the most beautiful characteristics of Bunting sits not on the surface of the tool, but just below it. The tool's modular architecture allows you to easily craft content exactly to your liking. The only limit is your imagination.

Javascript Console.

Behind our powerful point-and-click visual editor lies the Javascript Console, a clean text-based interface into which you can write your own Javascript.

All of this is controlled by Bunting's powerful visitor targeting engine, allowing you to easily define which visitors trigger your scripts, based the characteristics you define.

Javascript Console

Profile Tagging.

Tag website visitors' profiles with simple key/value pairs, whenever they match the characteristics you specify. This lets you easily identify and filter key audience segments for stragetic, tailored content delivery across subsequent visits and devices. Beautifully simple and easy to learn, profile tagging is a perfect example of how simplicity and power can revolutionize the relevancy of your content and the profitability of your business.


Bunting's powerful visitor targeting engine can easily be set to connect with any public or password-protected endpoint using webhooks. Data about the visitors who trigger them can also be securely transmitted.

Webhooks not only offer huge strategic potential, but are brilliantly simple to set up.


Javascript Recommendations.

Bunting's product recommendation editor is powerful enough to satisfy 99% of all retailers' design needs. But if you're working on something that's completely unique, and only need the raw intellience of Bunting's algorithm to make the recommendations themselves, then Javascript recommendations are the perfect solution. Bunting delivers recommendations to your web pages in the form of a Javascript array, letting you manipulate the data in any manner you wish with Javasript. Well documented and easy for developers to pick up, you'll be finished in record time.

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“We've always thought Bunting was a brilliant tool. It has helped raise our sales and opened up lots of opportunities for engaging our visitors.” ~ Guy Robinson, E-commerce Director