Security and Reliability

An industry-leading platform you can trust

Your data: Isolated, Encrypted, Secure

Bunting is packed with the most forward thinking and modern technology, designed to protect your data.

Your account is protected by 256bit SSL, while sensitive data such as credit card information is held on servers audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

Every Bunting account each has its own dedicated, isolated database. For you this means outstanding service performance thanks to the modular architecture, and the added security of having your visitor data completely isolated from every other account on our network.

Bunting's global cloud platform. Powered by Amazon

Bunting have teamed up with Amazon AWS to provide you with all the benefits of the most modern cloud computing technology available; Elastic scalability, high resilience, automated patching, global availability, and more.

With Bunting you can rest easy, knowing that personalization is being delivered to your site reliably fast, no matter what volume of traffic you have.

Our high-availability, low latency global infrastructure

Bunting server infrastructure is distributed in strategic locations across the globe, and front-loaded with a world-class content delivery network. For you this means high availability and low latency, no matter whether you operate nationally or internationally.

Network uptime average for United States in last 30 days: 99.98%

Last updated: 19 minutes ago

Lightening fast.
0.056 second average response time

In a world where a split second can make the difference between sucess or failure it has never been more important to equip your website with the fastest loading tools on the market.

Bunting's average server response time is a lightening-fast 0.056 seconds - that's less than half the time it would take for a ray of light to travel around the earth. Or, more appropriately, before you have time to blink.

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