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Supporting startups

As a former victim of fraud, our founder Steve Tucker started Bunting to help entrepreneurs. We know how hard it is when you launch a company - that's why LiveChat is completely free of charge forever.

Helping charities

The world's a better place when everyone helps each other. So if you're a registered charity, nonforprofit organization or a general do-gooder, we'd love to support you. Just get in touch for a reduced cost.

Enterprise security

Your data is protected by the most forward-thinking, modern technology, while our high availability, low latency global infrastructure is powerful and reliable. Security info here.

Your questions answered

Can I manage multiple websites from one account?
Yes, you can set up a maximum of 6 domains per account. If you need more, contact us and we'll set up your account to meet your needs.
What happens if I exceed the page views limit?
If you think you may go over your page view limit, let us know your expected monthly usage and we'll give you a quote based on the increased views.
Can I change plans / upgrade and downgrade?
Absolutely. Log into your account to change your plan, the products you have access to, and your costs, at the click of a button.
How secure is Bunting?
It's extremely secure and packed with the latest technology designed to protect your data. For more information see our page on security and reliability.
Can I control how much I spend?
Yes, simply set a usage cap within your Bunting account, and when the cap is reached, your service will pause until the beginning of the next billing period. You can still access your account at this time, and you can add or remove the cap at any time without needing to contact us.
What payment methods do you support?
For smaller accounts, you can use your credit card. If you spend over $1,000 USD a month, we can arrange for invoice billing.
When will you bill me? (credit cards)
During your free trial, you owe us nothing. At the end of the free trial we'll need your credit card details, but you won't be billed until the end of the next billing period a month later. Billing then continues every month, on the same day each month.
When will you bill me? (invoicing)
During your free trial you owe us nothing. If you'd like to carry on after the free trial, we'll start sending you monthly invoices at the beginning of every billing period.

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