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Included with your Bunting Agency plan:

  • Unlimited client websites in one account
  • Discount volume pricing
  • Invite client users to see and manage their data
  • Brand the Bunting interface with your logo

Your questions answered

Client Management
Can I give my clients access?
Yes! You can set clients up with access to the websites that apply to them, whether one, or multiple. Read/write or read-only privileges give you greater control over what clients are allowed to do. Clients don't have access to your account's administrative tools or billing area.
Can I offer a custom-branded interface?
Yes, you can upload your logo to the Bunting dashboard to greet your clients every time they log in.
How many clients can I manage?
With an agency account you can manage as many clients as you like from one account.
Do I pay or does the client pay?
That's entirely up to you. With an agency account you pay, and can charge our service on to your clients at any cost you choose. Alternately, if you want your clients to pay, simply ask them to create their own Bunting account, and to set you up as a user. Contact us to find out how you can claim commission on these referrals.
How much does a Bunting Agency account cost?
The cost is the same as any other Bunting account. However, by setting up many clients on one account you will quickly see the benefit of discount volume pricing. Contact us for an accurate price quote.
Do agencies get a free trial?
Yes, you get an extended 30-day free trial with no obligation.

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