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Turn visitors into your free marketing team

Shopcast is a world-first tool that drives traffic and increases referrals for free, by allowing visitors to invite their friends to chat and shop on your website.

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Your Name:
(So Chris knows it is you)
Chat with Chris
Hey, you wanted advice?
Hey Jill. Yeah, thanks!
Chris is viewing Leather Jacket
That would suit you!
Great! I'll buy it

Your website, where friends shop together

Shopcast gives visitors a reason to share your website. By sending a special link, they are connected in a private chat window on your site when their friend arrives. The chat window acts just like Facebook Messenger, so it's totally original yet completely familiar.

Free to first 10,000 accounts only:

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Increase your conversion rate

92% of shoppers trust advice from a friend more than any other form of advertising*. By bringing visitors' friends onto your website, and into the sales process, you drastically increase the likelihood of them spending money with you. Simple as that.

*Source: Nielsen

It's all about your products

When a shopper views a product, its image and link automatically appear in the Shopcast chat window for their friends to discuss.

Goodbye manual screenshots and link sharing. Hello natural conversation and fast decisions.

Jill is viewing Bachelor Room
What about this?
I like it!
Chris is viewing Presidential Room
This has more space
I thought so too!
Here's another...

Shoppers stay longer

Shopping's more fun with friends. When people invite others to your website to chat about your products, they enjoy it more and hang around longer than if browsing alone. Like if they were in a real shop together. Your shoppers will wonder where the time has gone.

Friends with benefits

Special offers are the best persuaders. Encourage shoppers' friends to become customers too with special discounts. Simply create an offer on your ecommerce system, and add the discount code to Shopcast.

Mobile first

Worried the chat window will obscure your website on mobile? Don't be. The moment a shopper taps outside the window, it minimises to a small button, whether in portrait or landscape view. Comments then pop up in a small bubble so shoppers can see what friends are saying even when minimised.


Works in your language

All Bunting products are available in 30 major languages, and support multi-lingual websites. This means your shoppers get a seamless, native experience no matter where they are.

Clear results

Shopcast gives you clear performance reports, detailing chat sessions, shares, traffic generated, and sales & revenue each month. Shoppers, and the friends they invite to your site, are measured separately so you can see new customers generated.

"A genuinely original product that every innovative marketer should try"

Matt Bird CEO, We Are Gntlmen

"Shopcast was a rare jaw-drop moment among our team. Audience reception is impressive and the possibilities are hugely exciting."

James Wayland Head of Ecommerce, Rebellious Fashion

"We heavily rewrote our influencer marketing strategy around Shopcast."

Jenni Bailey CEO, Calla Shoes

Your questions answered

Can I configure the chat window appearance?
Absolutely. You can easily change colours, fonts and the position of the chat window on your page to suit the design of your website.
What happens to chat at checkout?
The chat window temporarily pauses so shoppers aren't distracted from entering their details. A friendly message reassures them chat will re-appear when they've finished.
Is Shopcast the same as a screenshare tool?
No. Each person in a chat is browsing your website separately. Their screen isn't shared, which is good for security, and allows everyone to browse independently as they chat.
How many people can join a conversation?
It's unlimited. Any number of friends can chat together in a private Shopcast window on your website.
Can we view chat conversations?
No. For data and privacy reasons, you're not able to read private conversations by visitors. Only senior Bunting technicians can access conversations, and this would only ever happen if we needed to review service quality or conduct maintenance.
How is it installed?
You can either paste some Javascript into your website (like Google Analytics), or install a plugins in seconds if you use one of our supported ecommerce platforms.
Magento 1
Magento 2
Open Cart
Drupal (coming soon)

On another platform? See our integration page

How will it impact my site speed?
The Bunting platform loads at the same time as the content on your website (like Google Analytics). The average load time is around 0.05 seconds - faster than the blink of an eye. Read more here.
How much does Shopcast cost?
Please view our pricing page for details.
Do visitors need to download an app / plugin?
No. Shopcast runs entirely from your website, with no external app or plugin needed.

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Friends Shopping

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Free for a limited time only

Shopcast is FREE in this fully-featured Early Access release - but only to the first 10,000 invited professionals. Request access now to avoid losing out.

Why is it free?

Because it helps us grow faster. The more users we have, the more we remain the leader in the new market we've created. And to thank you for being a significant part of it, you get Shopcast completely free. Simple.

How long is it free?

We expect Shopcast to remain free for 6-9 months. Before the general public release, we'll tell you what the pricing will be, but as a Early Access member you'll get a substantial lifetime discount if you carry on using it - our way of saying thanks.

Is this a beta?

Yes and no.
Yes; we'll be acting on every piece of feedback and advice you give us. But no; Shopcast has been heavily user tested and is clear of the usual bugs you'd expect to find in a beta.

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