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When you communicate solely on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram Live, your influence (and earning potential) isn't as strong as it could be. This is because followers aren't on the retailer's website.

Shopcast brings them closer, by letting you broadcast your online shopping trip live directly from a retailer's website. Viewers can chat, vote for products you look at, and buy in real-time. Sales are higher, meaning retailers make more money - and so do you.

Wow, that looks A-MAZING! 😍
Kurt C.
Love this
Jill Valentine
🤔🤔 Is is available in leopard print?
Chris R
think you'd look better in yellow!
Tommy Wiseau
Like it
buying this ❤️
yeah, mee too...
Chloe Price
I bought these 2 weeks ago and they're ace 👍
Nicky D!
Avaiable in size 6?
Sgt Pepperman
No way man, get the black one instead
I'm totally getting these... 😊

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Social networks are so 2018

Unlike YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Live, a Shopcast is hosted on the retailer's website. This brings shoppers closer to the products, the checkout - and to buying.

Plus shoppers can navigate the store while watching your broadcast, without having to leave you behind on a social network.

Increase your worth

Shopcasts are so much more powerful than posting photos of products on your social channels. And because they take place on the retailer's website, they generate far more revenue than similar live broadcasts hosted on social networks.

This means retailers make more money, so you can charge a premium.

Promote your own brand

If you're selling your own branded products on a retailer's website or your own online store, Shopcast lets you promote your own stuff, in your own style, to all of your loyal followers. It's way more effective than just sharing links.

Grow your network

Everyone wins with Shopcast. When you're paid to go live shopping on a website, the retailer's followers are likely to follow you too. And the more followers you gain, the more valuable and in demand you become.

"A genuinely original product that every innovative marketer should try"

Matt Bird CEO, We Are Gntlmen

"Shopcast was a rare jaw-drop moment among our team. Audience reception is impressive and the possibilities are hugely exciting."

James Wayland Head of Ecommerce, Rebellious Fashion

"We heavily rewrote our influencer marketing strategy around Shopcast."

Jenni Bailey CEO, Calla Shoes

Your questions answered

How do I begin a broadcast?
The retailer gives you a special link to their website, and when clicked, there's a quick and simple guide to show you how to start the broadcast. The whole process takes no longer than 2 minutes and operates similar to YouTube Live.
How do visitors join the Shopcast?
A unique link is generated by Shopcast that directs visitors to your live broadcast. Share this on your social channels or website (such as a homepage banner) to promote the event. The retailer will normally do the same to maximise exposure.
How much does it cost?
It costs nothing for influencers. Retailers pay for the tool to be used on their website. The fully featured Early Access release of Shopcast is currently free for retailers too. But we expect the first wave of free accounts to run out soon, so if you work with any retailers than recommend Shopcast quick!
How can I get using Shopcast?
Contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

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