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Shopcast, a new tool coming soon.

Your store. Live.
Join the social shopping revolution.

Shopcast is the hugely anticipated, world-first ecommerce tool that brings legions of engaged shoppers to your site. With Shopcast, visitors stay longer and buy more. All will be revealed soon...

Marketer? Retailer? Agency? Growth hacker?
Shopcast is FREE to the first 10,000 professionals we invite. Enter your email address to get in the queue and be first to discover the power of Shopcast.

"I haven't seen anything else like Shopcast ... I'm sure this will rock the industry #RESPECT"

September 2018

Sam Hurley @sam__hurley - Early Access VIP
#1 top ranked digital infuencer by Webinale

"Revolutionary. This has a real chance of becoming the iPhone of influencer marketing."

September 2018

Francesco Chiappini - Early Access VIP
Author of Ecommerce Marketing Automation and 10 Ecommerce Strategies

Rumours & Questions

Here are answers to some of the most popular questions we get asked, and rumours popping up on social media. Please kindly stop emailing about these specific ones (other questions are fine) ~ Bunting Marketing Team

Is Shopcast a new influencer marketing tool?
Yes, designed for ecommerce
Are you going head-to-head with Instagram?
No, maybe.
What does Shopcast allow influencers to do?
Sorry, no comment yet
Did Google offer to buy Bunting in June?
Have beta testers actually made sales of $10k USD?
No, they've made considerably more. $10,000 USD is the average revenue generated every time Shopcast was used. We will soon be releasing case studies to show how some of those marketers did it.
When will it be released?
The Early Access release is due around February 2019 and will be completely free. It will be limited in number, and first serve only, so request early access now (above) to get in early.
Does Shopcast let people shop together?
Sorry. no comment yet
How do influencers 'take customers shopping'?
Sorry. no comment yet

Free for a limited time only

Shopcast is FREE in this fully-featured Early Access release - but only to the first 10,000 invited professionals. Request access now to avoid losing out.

  • Access before anyone else
  • 100% free and fully-featured
  • Limited-edition free swag
  • Be part of history!

Why is it free?

Because it helps us grow faster. The more users we have, the more we remain the leader in the new market we've created. And to thank you for being a significant part of it, you get Shopcast completely free. Simple.

How long is it free?

We expect Shopcast to remain free for 6-9 months. Before the general public release, we'll tell you what the pricing will be, but as a Early Access member you'll get a substantial lifetime discount if you carry on using it - our way of saying thanks.

Is this a beta?

Yes and no.
Yes; we'll be acting on every piece of feedback and advice you give us. But no; Shopcast has been heavily user tested and is clear of the usual bugs you'd expect to find in a beta.

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