Personalize Product Recommendations

Sell more of what's hot and less of what's not

Product recommendations can be one of your website's most powerful revenue drivers when done well. We'll help you get it right, with data-driven recommendations that you can display on your site and split test easily to find what works best.

Product Recommendations

Point & click deployment

Personalize lets you add product recommendations to webpages and emails in seconds using a simple visual editor.

You can split-test to see what selling, and re-jig recommendations on the fly to maximise revenue. And all without getting IT involved.

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Get more from the journey

Personalize works across your whole website, giving you the power to make recommendations at every step of the journey feel suited to people's needs.


A warmer welcome

Showcase your most popular products to inspire shoppers as they arrive, and show returning customers the stuff they almost bought last time to help complete the sale.


Product pages

Suggestions galore

Recommend similar but higher-priced products to returning customers, encourage shoppers to add to their order with additional or complementary products, and promote the brands a customer has bought before to see if their loyalty continues.

Product Pages

Category pages

Let's get relevant

Increase the chances of conversion by showing people recommendations for popular products in the category they're viewing. Your best sellers are best sellers for a reason, and this could help you sell more of them.

Category Pages

Search Pages

Control the results

Tailor "zero result" searches with recommendations based on what customers have bought in the past, and suggest products based on what's selling fast right now. This reduces the number of people leaving your website to go elsewhere.

Search Page

Shopping cart

Before you go...

Suggest products others have bought with the items in your customers' cart, and filter recommendations by price so it doesn't feel like a rash decision. If a customer has viewed or abandoned a product recently, now's the time to remind them about it.

Cart Page

Error pages

No dead ends

Avoid your customer drawing a blank on an error page by serving up tailored recommendations based on their browsing history. And when a product is out of stock, offer similar alternatives or trending items to keep people shopping.

Error Page

Site-wide stuff

Take every opportunity

Persuade shoppers to buy from you while they're on your site by reminding them of the products they've already looked at, suggesting products they may like based on what they've viewed, and displaying popular items while they're browsing.


Personalised for every inbox

Personalized emails work better. With just one piece of code, you can add tailored product recommendations to emails based on peoples' individual, unique browsing histories. It works with any email provider, and Bunting one-way encrypts email addresses for data protection compliance.


Made to measure

Split testing product recommendations is usually difficult. But with Personalize, it's a breeze.

You can set up A/B tests at the flick of a switch, while our stats engine records clicks and orders to give you ongoing performance reports long after split tests have concluded.

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How one of the UK's fast growing fashion brands uplifted conversions by +18.5% with recommendations

How one of the UK's fast growing fashion brands uplifted conversions by +18.5% with recommendations

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"We consider Bunting to be a key long-term partner in our growth plans. The team are an extension of our business, and we're delighted with the excellent ROI increases."

~ James Wayland, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager

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Bunting for Big Business.

When the scale of your company demands a bespoke service and enhanced tech, Enterprise Stack provides all the expert support and admin features you could need.

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Works in your language

All Bunting products are available in 30 major languages, and support multi-lingual websites. This means your shoppers get a seamless, native experience no matter where they are.

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Squeeze every drop of value

Many website tools are packed with features you never use. Personalize is different. Our how-to videos give you ideas on what content works best and show you to create it on your website to get the most out of every page.

GDPR and security

Your customers' privacy is our top priority. That's why we are GDPR compliant, and all data is stored safe and securely on our fast, reliable servers. For any questions please contact us.

Delightfully simple to install

Just a few clicks with a platform plugin, or manually by cut/pasting some Javascript.

Your questions answered

Can I manage multiple websites from one account?
Yes, you can set up a maximum of 6 domains per account. If you need more, contact us and we'll set up your account to meet your needs.
How much does Personalize cost?
Please view our pricing page for details.
How is it installed?
You can either paste some Javascript into your website (like Google Analytics), or install a plugins in seconds if you use one of our supported ecommerce platforms.
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Magento 2
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How will it impact my site speed?
The Bunting platform loads at the same time as the content on your website (like Google Analytics). The average load time is around 0.05 seconds - faster than the blink of an eye. Read more here.


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