Calla Shoes

+407% Conversion Rate Increase, AND +64% Average Order Value Increase

About Calla

Calla Shoes is a specialist stylish footwear brand for women with bunions. The emotional nature of its products has helped Calla to create an audience who are engaged and passionate about the brand. They used Shopcast's Live Video Shopping to market to them.

Promotional strategy

The broadcast was announced via social media channels and an email campaign. The promotion used free tactics, which proved to be both simple and effective. Intrigued by the novelty of Shopcast, lots of shoppers arrived promptly to join the broadcast.


A 15% off discount code was given to viewers in the Shopcast which expired an hour after the session. The time sensitivity of the code was a powerful urgency motivator, which increased both the number of viewers and the conversion rate.

The presenter

In-house shoe expert Jenni Bailey showcased Calla's new collection of products, at no cost to the business.

Jenni Bailey

Being a bunion sufferer herself, Jenni is a strong influencer, with a deep knowledge of the products and the problems women face when shopping for shoes. Jenni’s helpfulness, natural charisma, and ability to advise on fashion styles resulted in strong engagement with lots of discussion taking place amongst participants.


The internal webcam and microphone of a 2013 Apple Macbook Air were used. The broadcast was done via an 8mb/s wi-fi internet connection.

On the day

The live broadcast began at 7pm GMT on 18th October, and ran for 32 minutes. During this period, the presenter showcased 8 pairs of shoes with high stock levels and profit margins.

She modelled each pair in front of the camera and highlighted their benefits. This was delivered live to viewers by Shopcast's integrated video platform.

A picture and link was displayed of the product currently being discussed in the video, so shoppers could easily view the product page and add to cart. Shoppers' questions about the products were answered in real-time.


The product expert presented products on her laptop webcam.

Shopcast presented the discount code below the video for viewers to see, which the influencer also highlighted. Towards the end of the session, she reminded viewers the code was only valid for an hour which may have contributed to the significant sales spike at the end of the session. Viewers were also encouraged to engage in other ways, by voting on products with a thumb up/down.

Behind the camera, the influencer could see the Shopcast presenter dashboard on a screen so she could see incoming comments, and thus respond in real time. She was supported by an assistant, who replied to comments in written form within the chat window.


Taken from a viewer's perspective. The influencer presents the product live on their website in the Shopcast window. Viewers' reactions to the product appear to the right of the video. The discount code can be seen above viewers' comments. Behind is the product page where viewers can add to cart.

Viewers & Sales


The audience size approached its peak after around 12 minutes. This period lasted for a third of the broadcast. The audience size fell slightly during the second half, and dropped significantly at the end of the broadcast. However, engagement remained very high with remaining participants, who posed their questions to the influencer's assistant, made purchases, and chatted with each other.


The first sale occurred after just 7 minutes, with the highest sales activity occurring roughly 5 minutes after the broadcast ended. We believe this was because viewers were no longer watching the influencer, and could act upon the information they had acquired in the session. They were also incentivised to purchase before the discount code expired. Approximately 70% of orders were placed after the broadcast ended.

3½ days revenue in 1 hour

Conversion Rate: 407%

We compared the conversion rate [CR] of the broadcast (# viewers vs. sales) against the CR recorded over the last 30 days. The CR increased from 1.39% to 7.05% - an uplift of + 407.19%.

Average Order Value: 64%

We compared the average order value [AOV] of the broadcast against the AOV recorded over the last 30 days. The AOV increased from £114.33 GBP to £187.54 - an uplift of + 64.03%.

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