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Successful product launch: All stock sold in 54 minutes, with Shopcast

About We Are Gntlmen

We Are Gntlmen are a retailer of high quality men's shirts. Their clientelle buy into a lifestyle of good ethics; chivalry, honesty, integrity, good manners and kindness. We Are Gntlmen used Shopcast to launch their new Humphrey charity shirt to a live audience.

Promotional strategy

The product launch was announced and predominently promoted on We Are Gntlmen's social media pages, and via an email campaign to subscribers and customers.


An external webcam (Logitech Pro C920) and microphone (Rode NT-USB) were connected to a standard mid-range laptop, with Windows 10 / Google Chrome.

The presenter

Matt Bird, founder and chief product designer at We Are Gntlmen, led the new product launch.

Matt Bird

Being a creative force and industry expert, he brought a high level of passion for the both the new product line, and We Are Gntlemen's surrounding brand values. Shopcast helped Matt communicate that passion clearly on their website to a live audience.

The Product Launch

The shopcast lasted just 24 minutes, opening with the characteristics of people who wore their shirts.

The presenter discussed the motivation behind the company's new 'Humphrey' shirt - a charitable loss leader, with all proceeds going to a good cause. This gave the product a high emotional value, beyond being just a shirt.

Of course, the product was discussed in detail too. A strong emphasis was given to the materials used, the craftsmanship of the knit, and the subtle elements that make their shirts unique.

As it was a Shopcast, viewers were able to watch and listen to the presenter physically handling a shirt for the camera - all while they viewed the product page on wearegntlmen.com and checked out. This significantly increasing product desirability, and sales.


The final 15 minutes was predominently dedicated to answering viewer questions, in addition to filling in blanks for those who had arrived late and missed the introduction. After the broadcast ended, new viewers were able to watch the shopcast from the start, along with synchronised historic comments.

Viewers & Sales


With all promotional material sent, the concurrent viewer count reached it's peak after just 11 minutes.

Participation really lifted off in the second half as details of the product emerged, generating a flow of shoppers questions. Many congratulated the brand for their charity work, resulting in a postive, feel-good environment for shoppers.


The first sale occurred after 4 minutes, despite the fact that many of the product details had not yet been revealed. The highest sales activity occurred at the 21 minute mark, when the launch presentation was complete, and the presenter was mostly filling in the blanks for those who had arrived late.

Approximately 54 minutes after the shopcast begain, all launch stock of the Humphrey shirt had sold out.

Launch successful.
All stock sold within 54 minutes

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