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Our Expertise In Your Team

Our customers deserve the very best support, which is why Bunting offers a personalized support plan to help our customers get the most from personalization.

A personalized plan, just for you.

From the very first time you speak with us, we'll arrange an initial meeting to understand your needs and work out how personalization can best serve your company. You'll be looked after by a dedicated account manager who will discuss your KPIs and work with you to create a personalized plan of action.

Support at every step.

Our experts will help you create your first campaign, and advise you on how to set up content. Our dedicated technical and support staff will be here to help you every step of the way, whether it's fine-tuning content or setting up A/B tests.


As you continue on your personalization journey, your account manager will help you review progress, and analyze results to strategize moving forward.

Priority access to experts.

Got a question, or not sure about something? Don't hesitate to contact our team through our support ticketing system. Your questions will soon be answered.

We're live.

Need an immediate answer? Our staff are available round the clock through our dedicated live chat, and will be ready to answer your queries as they arrive.


Speak To An Expert

Sven Lindell

“To date, we've had great success with Bunting. We moved our personalization from another platform and have found the software both effective and easy to use. Highly recommended!” ~ Jon Dunn, E-commerce Manager